drinks : Margs & Mojitos

Originating in scorching Mexico and the tropical Caribbean these two legends in the cocktail world have offered so many variations. Here are just a few to tantalise your taste buds and leave you yearning leisurely strolling through the streets of Havana or withstanding a tropical monsoon in the Yucatan peninsula.

Smokey Tommy’s
Patron reposado / madre mezcal / agave / Fee brothers plum / lime

El jimador repasado / Cointreau / mango / lime / spiced mango sugar

Jalisco espresso
El jimador repasado / Kahlua / espresso / bitter truth chocolate

El diablo (the Devil)
Patron reposado / giffard créme de cassis de bourgogne / lime / ginger

Frozen pineapple margarita
El jimador repasado / pineapple / pineapple syrup / lime / triple sec / condensed milk

Blood orange Margarita
El jimador reposado / cointreau / blood orange liqueur / lime / fee brothers orange

Bacardi blanco / st-germain / lime / mint / sugar / soda

Dirty (spiced)
Sailor jerries / lime / mint / sugar / soda

Pineapple mojito
Chairmans reserved / liquor 43 / lime / mint / sugar / pineapple

Seasonal fresh Fruit mojito
Your choice of fresh fruit, syrups and Liqueurs bacardi blanco / lime / mint Sugar / soda

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