exclusivity & Inclusivity Policy

Distrikt Bar Leeds is committed to the principles of equity and inclusion.
We value the diversity of our home city of Leeds and recognise the attributes that inclusive events can bring.

This is reflected in our approach to diversity and inclusion as a nightlife operator we seek to establish an environment where each and every colleague, customer & partner feels included and valued.

We do not discriminate on the grounds of sex, age, race, marital status, pregnancy and maternity, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, expression or reassignment, religion or belief.

We have policies in place to support our staff and brand partners with our commitment to equity and inclusion. These will be reviewed regularly and amended in line with cultural and societal recommendations.

Any disagreement, apparent disregard or refusal of the above will result in your brand no longer being able to place events at Distrikt Bar Leeds

Founded in 2009, Distrikt bar combines the elegance and secrecy of a speakeasy & a carefully selected high-quality drinks menu, with exciting cutting-edge events curated with some of the world’s finest DJs and performers, while keeping every night FREE ENTRY.

Distrikt bar being the only venue in the UK to offer this, our commitment to constantly evolve & create new and exciting experiences for the people of Leeds at no additional cost has been a part of our ethos ever since.

Holding the most exclusive & underground parties in Leeds, all powered by our custom-fitted Martin audio sound system across two floors, and with the recent refurbishment, we have taken our intimate bar to new heights for an incredible new chapter for a fully immersive clubbing experience.

It’s better underground.